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Nando’s Is Giving Out Free Meals In Massive New Loyalty Card Competition

Fans of chicken and free items are in for a treat, since Nando’s is launching a brand-new competition offering lucky folks 10 free foods. Great, eh?

And all you’ve got to do is keep your eye out for one of the new billboards, which comprise a totally massive loyalty card you want to rip off and present in your regional Nando’s restaurant.

Measuring 3x2m the cards will be placed in the centre of a normal-looking marketing board and have the words’catch nine mates and get prepared to nab our giant Nando’s card’. You do not need to tell me giant advertising plank.

They will also appear in White City between 4 and 6 April.

And there’s a lot of flash-deals – shared around the company’s Instagram Stories – to get chicken-lovers at a lot of different cities.

Nando’s recently revealed that there are 1.8 million benefits left sitting around unclaimed in their loyalty cards – or more than #13 million of delicious chicken and sides. A travesty of epic proportions.

And, for those of you who like to sit with your eyes watering, pretending that you’re fine but actually you need to cry – you will be buoyed to learn that Nando’s recently launched it’s’hottest ever PERi-PERI sauce’ in supermarkets.

Vusa, meaning’excitement and fire’ in Zulu, apparently, went on the market a month at Tesco and, according to its description is,’a combination of African Bird’s Eye Chilli, lemon and garlic, in an age-old recipe which will blow your socks off. Sounds terrifying.

It premiered in restaurants all of the way back in 2017, but, until today the newest Nando’s sauce stocked in supermarkets would be the’PERi-PERi Extra Hot’, which spice-fanatics presumably flip their (running) nose .

Nando’s reckons the new sauce is perfect for heat-lovers to’splash, dash, dip or cook ‘ – assuming they like eating meals that leaves them crying on the bog the following day.

Featured Image Credit: Nando’s