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This Student Is Earning £1,300 A Month selling her used underwear online

The student buys underwear in bulk and can sell them for £90 a pair, with prices varying depending on how long she’s worn them for

A student has clarified selling her used panties online will help to pay her student fees.

The 21-year-old buys the underwear in bulk to get a few quid a couple and can sell them for about £90 per pair.

The amount she fees depends on how long she has been wearing them for, and buyers can also pay more to get selfies of her wearing them.

Viewers used to bid on the underwear she wore during the show and she’d only pop it in the post.

She explained:”To be truthful, selling my underwear has made me feel really empowered because I’m in charge of my body.

“It feels really amazing to have the ability to provide a healthy outlet for individuals with those fetishes.

“I never really feel as though I am in danger.”

Sometimes she offers additional services to customers, and after made £380 by letting a person smell her armpits.

She said:”After one of my normal underwear customers opened up to me personally on his armpit fetish, I left an additional $500 dollars by letting him smell my armpit.

As well as her studies and underwear sales, the girl works as a waitress and does dog walking and she earns a total of $40,000 a year, that will be approximately £30,000.