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Bees Live In Woman’s Eye Socket Feeding On Her Sweat And Tears


A girl ended up in hospital following bees took up temporary dwelling in her eye, feasting on her tears and sweat.

Pic shows: Ms He’s eye infection. TAIWAN: A doctor has found four bees hiding inside a woman’s eye socket while feasting on her sweat and tears in a case he has called a “world’s first”.
Credit: AsiaWire

Photos reveal four 3-millimetre-long bees living within the lady’s eye – something medics are calling for a’world first’.

The woman, named as Ms He, attended Fooyin University Hospital in Taiwan’s southern county of Pingtung when she became host to the insects after visiting a volcano.

The doctor pulled four bees out of the woman’s eye. Credit: AsiaWire

Professor Hung Chi-ting, the hospital’s head of ophthalmology, says it is a world first as the insects have never been found alive in somebody’s eye before.

Describing the minute he seen the insect, he explained:”I saw something which appeared to be insect legsso I pulled out them under a microscope one at a time without even damaging their own bodies.

Credit: AsiaWire

“They were four sweat bees”

Speaking during a press conference, Professor Hung Chi-ting said that his patient now suffered from cellulitis and keratitis, a bacterial skin infection and inflammation of the eye’s cornea, as a result of the bees feasting inside her attention for four months.

He added that the bees are attracted to the salty sweat and tears from people.

Featured Picture Credit: AsiaWire