Smyths Toys Will Give Out Free LEGO In All Of It’s Stores This Weekend

STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING, PEOPLE. Remember that things you used to play as a child… the very versatile toy there was… the thing that now keeps your kids quiet for hours…

Y’understand, LEGO. Obviously. How could you forget?

And here is the fantastic part: when all the organization’s stores throughout the UK and Northern Ireland will be hosting LEGO giveaways starting from 9am Smyths Toys superstores are giving it away for free as of 4 May.

It’s a’while stocks last’ affair, so you get yourselves geared up. Oh, and it’s limited to a toy per child so do not expect to come out with a sack full of bricks.

There can even be surprise appearances from the little ones’ favorite LEGO and Star Wars personalities – we have got a win-win scenario on our hands .

According to the Mirror, the event has been set up to celebrate the arrival of fresh Star Warsand Marvel’s Avengers LEGO sets in Smyths shops around the Nation.

The special characters will be visiting the following stores: 

Bristol – LEGO Emmet 

Edinburgh – LEGO Lucy

Rayleigh Weir – Stormtrooper and Commander Versio

Tamworth – Special-Ops Trooper and Stormtrooper

Ashford – Two Stormtroopers

Sheffield – Imperial Gunner

Milton Keynes – Two Stormtroopers

Team Valley Gateshead – X-Wing and Luke Skywalker

Leeds Crown Point – X-Wing

Walsall S – Stormtrooper

Salford – Two Mandalorians

Luton – Two Stormtroopers

Additionally, it coincides with the reveal of LEGO’s new Harry Potter collections for 2019 that are on the LEGO site and comprise the Knight Bus, Hogwarts clock tower and a Triwizard tournament collection.

Taking to Facebook, Smyths Toys Superstores announced:”This Saturday 4th May, we’ve LEGO:registered: giveaways at your regional Smyths Toys from 9am, while stocks last.

“Unlock your creativity at our imagination station AND receive a FREE LEGO:enrolled: giveaway.

Giveaways while stocks last. To come first serve basis. Strictly one giveaway per child. No purchase required.”

One person replied saying:”Will you be doing an lol doll giveaway?” Some people are not happy, are they?

Another joked:”When you say’child’. I’m 47. That is okay, right??” Absolutely fine.

This past year, a similar occasion was held by Smyths Toys Superstores where they assembles and gave families the opportunity to enjoy live LEGO demos.

Seems just like Saturday with the kids is sorted for many, that is for sure.