Couple Lose 220lbs In One Year After Ditching Netflix Binges For Home Workouts

A determined couple managed to lose a combined total of 220lbs in one year after swapping Netflix bingeing sessions and takeaways for home workouts and healthy snacks. 

Jasmine Parent and fiancé Jeremy Crawley embarked on their weight loss journey in an attempt to set a better example for their two daughters after admitting their eating habits were ‘horrendous’.

The pair opted to spend money on takeaways and junk food rather than preparing food at home, but as well as affecting their bodies the couple’s eating habits also impacted their mental wellbeing.

Jasmine’s diet got out of hand following the death of her father in 2013, after which she started ‘gaining weight and emotionally eating’.

Though she wanted to be emotionally present and have the energy to interact with her daughters, the mum found she ‘couldn’t be the mother she wanted to be’ because her anxiety ‘was almost crippling some days’.

At her heaviest, the 30-year-old weighed 295lbs (21st) and wasn’t able to even walk up stairs without feeling severe pain in her knees. Her fiancé, Jeremy, weighed in at 333lbs (23st 7lbs).

Speaking of her weight, Jasmine commented:

Jasmine’s mother explained how she worried for her daughter’s health, saying:

Jasmine explained both she and Jeremy were ‘heavy’ when they met but the tipping point for her came when she saw herself in a photograph alongside her best friends.

Recalling the moment she realised how heavy she’d become, the 30-year-old said:

The couple decided to transform the way they lived their lives, with Jeremy explaining ‘finally, we found that drive to do something about it’.

They started by following a 21-day meal plan, which caused them to significantly cut down their salt and sugar intake, and doing exercise videos in their living room.

Jeremy spoke of how the change in diet improved his energy levels as well as his overall health, saying:

However, despite feeling the positive changes the couple admitted their weight loss journey was not easy, and at times they felt like giving up.

Jasmine explained:

Check out the couple’s transformation here:

The 30-year-old documented her weight loss on social media, a habit which has since turned into a full time job, and one year later the pair are completely transformed.

Jeremy managed to lose almost a third of his body weight, dropping 98lbs (7st), while Jasmine lost an incredible 125lbs (8.9st).

After losing weight, Jasmine decided to complete her transformation by having excess skin removal surgery on her stomach. Loose skin is a common part of the weight loss experience but it was affecting Jasmine’s body confidence.

She explained:

Ten weeks after her surgery, the mum said she is ‘healing really well’ while also loving what she sees when she looks in the mirror.


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