People Aren’t Happy About Toby Carvery’s Nacho Filled Yorkshire Pudding

There are times when you shouldn’t do something just because you can; for example – Labradoodles, pizza with pineapple on and Yorkshire puddings that have nachos, pulled pork and salsa in.

But the Toby Carvery crew has decided to get creative, and in the process have caused a huge divide among their fans.

The new dish, ‘Nachos in a Yorkie’ involves nachos topped with cheese sauce, pulled pork, smashed avocado, tomato salsa and green chillies – all served in a giant Yorkshire pudding. Make of that what you will.

The carvery chain announced via a Facebook post that it is now selling the meal.

It bravely captioned it: “We’ve only gone and made the Yorkshire pudding even better…”

Well, it seems like that bold statement is debatable because followers of the page don’t seem so sure on the fact.

One disgruntled Yorkshire pud fan wrote: “Dear Toby Carvery. You clearly know nothing about Yorkshire puddings! Serving them for breakfast is not an improvement. Serving them as a wrap is not an improvement. Serving them with bloody Doritos is not an improvement! Yorkshire puddings are made to hold gravy NOTHING ELSE!!”

Another politely, yet firmly, commented: “What kind of fresh hell is this??? I am from Yorkshire and currently holidaying in The Yorkshire Dales. This is sooooo terrible! Most of your delicious posts get heckled and trolled. This one deserves it! Love Eddie xxx”

It’s not all bad though, one person tagged a pal and said: “Look at this game changer.”

Another supporter enthusiastically said: “Nachos in a yorkie! Nachos in a yorkie! Nachos in a yorkie!”

If you do decide to give it a go, it’s worth mentioning that it’s definitely a sharing dish. At over 1,300 calories for a portion, and 78g of fat, it’s not ideal for anyone who’s not looking for a full on feast.

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