Self Driving Wheelie Bin Takes Itself Out On Bin Day

Dreading the next bin day row? Here’s some good news – an American inventor has gone and solved all of our troubles by making a wheelie bin that takes itself out. The device, called Smartcan, saves you the pain of taking the bins out (or arguing over whose turn it is).

Andrew Murray, creator of the SmartCan said: “We want to help people eliminate unnecessary chores from their daily lives.

“We see an opportunity to really help alleviate the burden of the mundane physical tasks that everyone faces.”

The homeowner can download an app to their phone and then set the day of the week that they want the bins to be taken out on.

The website reads: “A user can pair to his or her trashcan with a smartphone, set a date and take-out location, and the trashcan will take itself out on a regular specified interval. Smartcan is compatible with any municipal-issued trashcan.”

The bin looks like it has two docking stations so that it knows where to stop and also to charge it between runs. One goes on the pavement and the other by where you keep your bins.

Another model of bin – known as Bruno – is also set to change the way we clean up, by combining a kitchen bin and vacuum cleaner.

Sensors on the front of the bin can see when dirt from the kitchen floor is swept towards it. But instead of having to faff with a dustpan and brush, the bin turns on a vacuum to suck up the mess.

Bruno also sends alerts to its accompanying smartphone app so that you know when to refill the bag or take the rubbish out, although I’m sure some people would still ignore them.

The inventors said: “Bruno and its patent-pending technologies have been many months in the making. The powerful vortex vacuum feature will deliver every dog hair, cheerio and grain of dirt directly into the trash bag.

“No more stopping, no more scooping, just place the broom in front of the vacuum inlet to start the suction and Bruno will do the rest.

“Bruno will also remind you to take the trash out on trash day, and alert you when you are low on Bruno Bags.”

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