Two Best Friends Celebrate Their 23-Year Friendiversary With Beer and Chicken Wings Photoshoot

Best friends who eat wings and drink beer together, stay together.

Yes, feasting on chicken wings and sipping on beer is apparently the new secret to a long and fruitful friendship, because 2 women have credited it to their twenty-three-year strong relationship.

And the besties, who have been friends since they were kids, commemorated their friendiversary with an amazing photoshoot… all dedicated to their mutual love of wings and beer.

Keep scrolling to see the photoshoot, and to hear the story behind their amazing friendship. Always being honest with one another, regular mate dates, undying support… yeah, I could go on.

Samantha Clark and Christina Arthur, a pair of South Carolina moms and longtime BFFs, credit their long-lasting friendship to sharing the love of chicken wings and beer.

“About 6 or 7 years of age is when Samantha moved in next door to me,” Christina said in an interview. “We have been best friends since day one!”

Samantha echoed that sentiment, “We just clicked with each other you know? We became more than just friends, pretty much like family! Her family always included me and my family always included her.”

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