17th October Is The Date Most Brits Turn Their Heating On

Just when we thought things couldn’t get much worse, it’s now time to start spending – research suggests 17 October is the date when the UK collectively turns the central heating on this winter, marking the beginning of peak energy season.

Now bill payers are being advised to ditch their expensive standard variable tariffs before the peak season begins because – according to the research – households on a price-capped standard variable tariff can expect to pay £29 ($35) more per week on average to heat their homes than those on the cheapest deals this winter.

The majority (80 percent) of those surveyed said cost was the main consideration when it came to when to put their heating on, with just under half (40 percent) saying that they were delaying putting their heating on due to the cost.

George Chalmers, CEO of auto switching service Migrate, said: “With the nights closing in and the weather getting colder and wetter, time’s running out to switch to a better energy deal before the winter officially arrives.

“Our research found that Thursday 17th October will be the date where Britain finally caves and dials up the thermostat, and their energy usage. The winter is where we use the most energy, between heating our homes and generally spending more time inside using electricity, so being on a poor value tariff can have a huge impact on your bills.

“The winter months also highlight the growing issue of fuel poverty within the UK. Our research found that those on pre-payment meters, which are typically those most at risk of fuel poverty, will turn their heating on almost a month later than the rest of the UK, leaving them most at risk of cold related illnesses.”

George continued: “We believe everyone should have the right to a warm, safe home. That’s why Migrate donates £10 to causes tackling these issues across the UK for every sign-up. Every person who migrates helps raise at least £10 to help the 4 million homes in the UK who are currently struggling to pay their energy bills keep warm.”

Migrate passed on five tips for saving energy over the winter season. First was to stop draughts which could save you up to £20 a year on energy bills.

Another option is to use radiator reflectors, which help reflect the heat (no s***) from the back of the radiator into the room, reducing the energy lost through walls by up to 45 percent.

Is your sofa in front of the radiator? Well, this could be more of a problem than you think. Although it might be warm and cosy, you should probably try and move the furniture to adequately heat up the room you’re in.

Next up is setting timers – this is because your boiler heats up at a constant speed, irrespective of the temperature you set it at. So, instead of popping it on when you’re feeling cold, you can set timers and give the room enough time to heat up before touching the thermostat.

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