​Chef Tom Kerridge Defends Cost Of £32.50 Fish And Chips

While most of us are used to paying under a tenner for a portion of fish and chips on the seafront, inside restaurants it’s a slightly different story – especially at Tom Kerridge’s London eatery, where a plate of the classic dish costs £32.50 ($39.70).

Kerridge is a Michelin-starred chef who is famous for his innovative modern British cuisine, having carved out a name for himself by putting contemporary twists on widely-loved pub classics.

The Hand & Flowers, Kerridge’s gastropub in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, is also the only pub in the UK with two Michelin stars.

But with such global acclaim often comes a pretty hefty price tag. Kerridge has defended the cost of his £32.50 fish and chips at Kerridge’s Bar and Grill, saying it is ‘easily justifiable’.

Speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, Kerridge explained how he feels it’s all down to the ingredients, which include the ‘best’ fish and ‘amazing’ potatoes.

As reported by the Guardian, he said: “This was fresh dayboat turbot,” adding that if a diner had pan-roasted turbot with pomme puree and a sauce gribiche for £32.50, ‘no-one would question anything’.

To be honest, that’s a fair point.

The dish does not feature on the current a la carte menu listed online, but pictures on social media show that the battered fish usually comes with a trio of sauces – pease pudding, tartare sauce and Matson spiced sauce – and a ramekin of chunky chips.

The fish itself changes depending on the catch of the day.

Kerridge continued to say the chips were individually hand-cut from ‘incredibly expensive’ potatoes.

“If you break it down, it is easily justifiable,” he said, adding: “From my point of view, fish and chips is one of the greatest dishes in the world.

“There are Japanese three-Michelin star restaurants that are doing tempura, that are specialising in amazing pieces of fish that are deep fried and served and cost the earth.

“Why can’t we get the best fish in the world and create the best batter, deep fry it and serve it with amazing potatoes?”

Kerridge also chatted about the Matson sauce that comes with the dish – named after the curry sauce he enjoyed as a kid from his local chip shop on the Matson estate in Gloucester, which is now sadly closed.

He said: “Oprah Winfrey was in a few weeks ago and she had Matson sauce. I love the fact Oprah Winfrey has had fish and chips with Matson sauce. She knows Matson.”

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