People Are Already Putting Their Christmas Trees Up

We’ve not even hit the middle of October yet, but already people are putting up their Christmas trees.

I mean, come on. Yes, summer is well and truly over and the weather is starting to get cold, but we’ve got a whole season to get through before we have to start being jolly. Can’t we at least get past Halloween?

Admittedly, some people have decided to adopt trees into the spooky season by creating Halloween-themed masterpieces, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

I’m talking about actual Christmas trees, with tinsel, baubles and even a star on top. Forget 12 days of Christmas, these people are in for a whole two months of it.

Though the early appearance of advent calendars and decorations in shops is often met with criticism online, a number of people have taken to Twitter to prove they’re proud to embrace the celebration as soon as possible.

Check out some of the sparkly creations below:

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I hate Christmas or anything. I actually can’t wait to have that lovely fir tree smell filling up my house. But I’m pretty sure if I were to put a tree up now it would be dead by the time December 25 rolled around.

A lot of the eager-beavers on Twitter have probably opted for fake trees to ensure they’re always looking their best, but still I imagine the excitement of the tree would soon wear off if you had it up for weeks on end.

Plus, surely it would just make the countdown to Christmas seem even longer? You’re all set up and ready to go, yet you still have literally months to wait. I get impatient enough even without having decorations as a constant reminder of what’s to come.

He explained:

I suppose everyone celebrates the holiday in their own way. So, while some Twitter users have judged those who already have their trees up, it’s clear the people who have done it are happy with their choices!

Either way, one thing’s for sure – Christmas needs to hurry up.

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