Two Men Start Heated Argument Over Bag On Empty Seat Of Busy Commuter Train

Two passengers became involved in a heated argument over a bag on an empty seat on a packed C2C train.

The argument took place on a commuter train between West Ham and Barking earlier this week.

Fellow commuter Jacob Telford captured the moment the two men began a slanging match after one of them refused to move their bag and their feet from the seat opposite them.

Speaking about the tense exchange, Mr Telford said: “One passenger asked another to move his bag from the seat and it quickly escalated.”

In the footage, which has been shared online, one of the men can be heard ordering the other: “Take your feet out the seat, and move your bl**** bag!”

The man with the bag can then be heard shouting back telling the other passenger, saying that he is the problem, not his bag, and he should move if it’s annoying him.

The argument then moved on, with one saying: “If you lay a finger on me, you’d be in court so fast you wouldn’t know what hit you. The courts will deal with you.”

The other hit back telling him to ‘read his paper’.

The argument rumbled on, one of the men saying: “As soon as you came on this train, you’re the problem.”

The other can then be heard saying loudly during the row: “Take your feet off the seat and move your bloody bag.”

Adding later: “You probably don’t work.”

And while their argument raged, those around them appeared to ignore the whole thing – minus a few sniggers from commuters behind.

It’s not clear exactly how the argument ended and whether the two men resolved their differences.

However, it doesn’t appear as though any punches were thrown, which is more than can be said for a violent confrontation on the London tube last week.

A man, who has since transpired to have been an off-duty police officer, was filmed headbutting a an aggressive passenger who was trying to fight others on board a busy commuter train.

The rest of the carriage cheered as the smartly dressed worker successfully put an end to the man’s tirade, with reports across social media claiming the man was being abusive and aggressive to other people.

Footage taken on the train, believed to have been travelling from London to Southend-on-Sea, shows the suited man arguing with the shorter man and restraining his wrists to try to stop him from kicking off.

When the aggressive man starts to shout: “Look at me I’m stupid! Look at me I’m stupid!”

He continues yelling and the taller man then snaps and strikes him with a vicious headbutt, knocking him to the floor.

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