Lady and the Tramp Remake Set To Be Released On 12 November 2019. (Trailer)


More than 60 years later, Walt Disney Pictures has endeavoured to remake the 1955 animated classic Lady and the Tramp as a live-action feature, involving real-life animals rather than CGI – a different approach from this year’s The Lion King remake.

When will Lady and the Tramp be released?

Disney has yet to confirm when the film will be released in the UK. Across the pond, Lady and the Tramp will be available on 12th November 2019, but that’s as a day one exclusive to Disney+, an upcoming streaming service that is yet to announce its UK launch date.

If they intend for it to hit British screens at the same time, it’ll probably debut on Sky Cinema as its TV exclusivity deal with Disney has yet to expire. Otherwise we’ll have to wait for Disney+ to launch in the UK (which would be 2020 at the earliest). So far, nothing’s been confirmed.

How can I watch it?

It’s scheduled to be available day one on The Walt Disney Company’s upcoming streaming platform, aptly named Disney+ (a service intended to compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime), which is set to launch in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands on 12th November as well as Australia and New Zealand on 19th November, just a week later.

The entertainment giant has yet to confirm when the service will make its way to the United Kingdom.

Who is in the Lady and the Tramp cast?

The remake will feature the voices of Tessa Thompson (as Lady) and Justin Theroux (as Tramp) who will be joined by Sam Elliott, Ashley Jensen, Janelle Monáe and Benedict Wong as additional confirmed voice artists. There’s also a selection of actors appearing on screen, such as Kiersey Clemons and Thomas Mann (as Tramp’s owners Darling and Jim), Yvette Nicole Brown (as Jim’s Aunt Sarah), as well as F. Murray Abraham and Ken Jeong (respectively playing Tony and Joe).

What is Lady and the Tramp about?

The upcoming film is pitched as an authentic remake of Walt Disney’s animation of the same name, detailing the unlikely relationship between a pampered Cocker Spaniel and an inner-city stray who shows her his side of town, during which romance blooms.

We also expect that the remake will update or reinterpret certain elements of the original piece to accommodate the standards expected by a modern audience.

Lady and the Tramp will debut 12th November on Disney+.

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