Family Transformed After Hitting Gym Together To Lose 6.5 Stone In Just Six Months

A family of four decided to get themselves into shape together, completely overhauling their lives and going on to lose an incredible six-and-a-half stone between them in just six months.

The McGillivray family were used to boozy trips to the pub and takeaway binges being a regular fixture in their household.

But they had a devastating wake-up call when mum Sue lost her mother to diabetes – prompting her, along with husband Roy and their two sons, to make some drastic changes.

Sue, 51, and Roy, 56, got themselves into the gym with their two sons Ben and Simon, also changing their diets to incorporate much healthier choices.

In just six months, Sue managed to lose the most weight out of the family, having shed a total of 3.5st, while her husband Roy lost 2st.

Sons Ben and Simon – 24 and 28 respectively – also lost a stone between them, as well as building muscle.

However, they say the transformation has not just been a physical one, but has also brought them much closer together as a family unit.

Sue, a housewife, said: “I had got to a point in my life where I needed to make some big changes. I had a family history of diabetes and that was something I saw for myself if I continued on the path I was on. I really felt that I needed to address my diet, my exercise.

“After the death of my mum, because it was related to diabetes, it was really important to get myself sorted and not go down that same track. The way that I have dealt with my grief, this has given me a real focus, to focus on myself and get myself healthy rather than focusing on grief.

“Being overweight made me feel that I had lost myself. I felt like a big person had eaten a small person. I started noticing results within two weeks. The weight started coming off, and once that happens you really get the motivation to keep going.”

Sue even said she’s managed to lose so much weight that many people she hadn’t seen for a while didn’t even recognise her when they saw her.

She continued: “I feel so much more confident, I feel like I have got back to who I am.

“I feel great. When you get dressed and people give you compliments it is nice, but ultimately it is how you feel in yourself, being able to look in the mirror and liking what you see. I am happy.”

The family had signed themselves up to the Ultimate Performance gym in Manchester, which is known for training the likes of actors Gemma Atkinson and Ryan Thomas.

Trainer Anthony Paulhe was the man behind the McGillivrays’ amazing transformation, having put them through their paces with intense workouts, and also helping them change their attitude to food through nutrition and meal plans.

Roy, managing director of a dental firm, said: “My diet and lifestyle was probably pretty average. I was working hard. I wouldn’t eat breakfast in the morning, I would have something mid-morning at work, fatty food, bacon and egg sandwich, sometimes I would take lunch, sometimes I wouldn’t.

“In the evening I would find myself eating takeaway food because I was too tired to prepare something. You may go to the pub after work for tea, but then you would end up having two or three drinks, so then you were consuming more alcohol. That was the lifestyle.

“I never realised how unhealthy I was until I had my measurements done. I had never considered myself to be obese – but I was obese.

“That has got a bearing on your life. You reach a certain age, and if you allow your fitness levels to be poor and your diet to be unhealthy then you have to pay a price for that. If you look after yourself then age really is just a number.

“Why would you not want to look in the mirror and see that person looking back is fit and healthy?

“I did this for myself and my family. But when people start to notice your transformation and make comments, you feel 10ft tall. When you go shopping and buy new clothes and they fit nice you feel good about yourself.

“I think the life-changing thing for me personally is taking the numbers away. I feel no different today at 56 than I did at 36, I probably feel better than I did at 36. To be able to say that is incredible. I think it has given me longevity, energy and focus.”

Son Simon added: “Training together as a family has definitely brought us closer together. We have supported each other, there have been challenges along the way but we kept each other on track.

“The change in my mum has been unbelievable. I hadn’t realised how down she was. But the change in her over the course of the last six months has been incredible. I look at how she is now – she is enjoying life and that rubs off on the rest of the family.”

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