How To Effectively Double Your Annual Leave Allowance In 2020

It’s that time of year again – half of us are getting our annual leave allowance for work renewed, while the rest of us are wondering how to get through to April with what we have left.

If you feel like you could have used yours better, then let me help you out – if you plan ahead then you could feel like you’re getting much more time off for your annual leave than if you leave it until last minute.

The average Brit gets 28 days holiday a year – but if you book them carefully you can turn it into 60 days off in bigger blocks, which will always feel like you have more time to refresh.

So, first off, it’s worth mentioning that the caveat here is that it pretty much only works if you have a Monday to Friday working week and get bank holidays off. If you close for the whole of Christmas then don’t even bother speaking to me.

According to ACAS, half of us don’t end up using all of our annual leave, and with employers not obliged to carry it over or pay you for them on most contracts, using them wisely can really help you out.

You’d be able to book 23 December to 5 January by using just 7 days of annual leave – getting 14 days off in total.

Heading in to next year, thanks to a set of nicely falling bank holidays, you can get 11 days off in a row, using just five days holiday – from 9 to 19 April. Cashback.

Then in May – you can take an 18 day holiday by using 10 days, from 8 – 25 May. You’ve then got a bit of a wait for your next run of days, but seeing as you’ve just had almost a month off in six weeks, you’ll be feeling so refreshed, you won’t even notice.

Fast forward to the end of August and you can get 29 August to 6 September off – that’s nine days for the price of four.

And then we’re at next Christmas (for those of us who haven’t even started thinking about this Christmas, this is probably a bit premature).

Getting in there WELL early, you can get an amazing eight days off for just two days of annual leave, from 28 December 2020 to 4 January 2021.

Which brings us to the grand total of 60 days consecutively for your 28. Now all you have to do is get in your boss’s good books so that they will give you the same holidays off that everyone else is probably going to ask for.

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