Gordon Ramsay Has Shared A Photo Of His Restaurant’s Steak And Fans Hate It

Gordon Ramsay has come in for some serious stick today after fans claimed they were disgusted with how he cooks a steak.

The TV personality posted a video of a côte de boeuf which had been prepared by staff at one of his restaurants, but it really didn’t go down well with some of his followers who said it was ‘raw’.

One person even claimed they were scared of eating it in case it started ‘mooing’ at them.

Ramsay posted the controversial clip to Twitter with the caption: “Just look at that côte de boeuf at Gordon Ramsay Bar and Grill…. cooked to perfection!!”

Sadly for the 53-year-old, there weren’t many people who agreed.

Slamming Rammo’s culinary skills, one critic asked: “Afraid of hear [sic] it mooing as soon as I bite it.”

Another wrote: “Where is the dislike button?”

While yet another unforgiving follower simply commented: “RAW!”

Ouch. OK, don’t sit on the fence, tell us how you really feel.

But not everyone was totally against the idea of having their meat slightly more pink than usual.

Some actually said it was the only way to have it.

One fan coming to the chef’s aid said: “Best way to eat it.”

“Beautiful gordy,” added a second person.

And this isn’t the first time the celebrity cook has faced a backlash from people regarding his skills in the kitchen.

Earlier this year, Twitter users went into a frenzy after he posted a photograph of what was supposed to be a full English breakfast.

Consisting of two rashers of back, a tomato, one sausage – ONE?!?! – two eggs and a mushroom, the father-of-five said it was the perfect way to get ready for a flight.

He shared the controversial picture, with the caption: “undefinedundefinedNow THAT’S how you get #ReadyForTakeOff!! @PlaneFood Gx.”

But it’s safe to say not everyone agreed. In true Ramsay style, followers waded in with their brutal assessment of the TV presenter’s ‘s***’ breakfast.

Offering their own score out of 10, one critic wrote: “Undercooked bacon, sausage not cooked evenly and egg yolks too orange. 3/10. Prison food.”

While second follower commented: “Gordon. Where’s the beans? Hash brown? Black pudding? Tinned tomatoes? Come on mate, that’s an appalling effort for a breakfast. You’d get lynched up north for that. Ask Jamie Oliver.”

And before this, followers slated the chef for his attempt at making gravy.

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