10-year-old’s Christmas list goes viral after she demands an iPhone 11, a Chanel purse, Gucci sliders and £3k in cash

A TEN-year-old’s Christmas list has gone viral after she brazenly asked for incredibly expensive items including a Chanel purse and an iPhone11.

While most kids will usually ask for the latest toy, one girl went above and beyond with her list asking for gadgets, handbags, a live bunny and thousands in cash.

The little girl has a very expensive Christmas listCredit: Twitter

An exasperated parent shared on Twitter the list their little girl had given them for Santa.

They said: “My 10 year old daughter must be out of her mind with this Christmas list.”

Among the pricey items is a Mac Book Air, air pods, Gucci sliders, a Go Pro, and £3,099 ($4,000) – in cash.

She also requested ‘clothes for bunny’, as well as fairly mundane items including an alarm clock, new bedding and laundry detergent.

Just like most girls she also wrote down clothes, make-up, perfume, new shoes, earrings and jewellery and dolls.

Her adorable list is full of spelling mistakes, with the youngster spelling ‘essential oil’ as ‘asenchal’.

Her optimistic list has since gone viral after it was shared online, racking up more than 118,000 likes.

Commenting on her hopeful wishlist, one person: “Get her that alarm clock sis !

“Lol tell her it’ll wake her up from that dream where she think she’s getting everything on there.”

Someone else said: “Her taste is exquisite, I am impressed.

A third commented: “What’s a ten year old doing 4K and Gucci slides.”

This person  decided: “4000 dollars is now also going on my list.”

Somebody else posted: “I love how every couple of things on the list reminds you she’s still very much a kid lol.”

While this person joked: “The year she finds out Santa ain’t real.”

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