Mums rave about space-saving Christmas tree wall decoration kids can’t knock over & say it’s BETTER than a real one

IT is a sad fact of life that the longer you spend making your Christmas tree look picture perfect, the more likely it is your little one will send it crashing to the floor.

However, that doesn’t have to be the case this year – as mums are going wild for DIY Christmas tree decoration which can be safely mounted to the wall and kept out of harms way.

The mum started by adding fake fir branches to her wooden frameCredit: Facebook

Sharing a photo of the genius idea on Facebook, an American mum captioned her post: “Idea, for mommies who have a toddler.”

The savvy mum used two pieces of wood to act as the frame of her triangular tree before threading one long fake fir branch back and forth along the body.

After tying it in place, the mum then went back in and added fairylights before adding a star ornament to the top. Voila!

Since she posted it on her profile, the genius DIY has been “liked” by over 3,600 users and shared 114,00 times.

She then showed off the finished resultsCredit: Facebook

t wasn’t long before it ended up on the Mrs Hinch fan page Hinch Army House Decorating Inspiration and Tips.

Insisting that the space-saving wall decoration was better than an actual tree, one impressed user replied: “How beautiful is this??”

Another gushed: “What a fab idea!”

Tagging a mate in the comments, a third wrote: “This is a fantastic idea for people who don’t have space for a tree… in fact, it’s just a great idea full stop.”

Users gushed over how good the decoration could be in homes too small for a tree

Pointing out how the decoration was not just kid-friendly, another joked: “I’ve found a good tree that’s suitable for cats.”

Not to mention how this DIY creation gives the illusion of a tree without the pesky fir needles all over the floor.

And if you’re not keen on the fake fir branches, other homemakers suggested substituting them for white or green tinsel. BRB off to Poundland to stock up on the lot.

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