Police Weren’t Fooled By This Hapless Crook’s Disguise – A Pair Of Glasses

Police have teased a wanted thief with a distinctive neck tattoo after he tried to hide his appearance by wearing a pair of spectacles.

David Springthorpe, 30, was being hunted by police officers for breaching a court order along with a string of shoplifting offences.

But the police didn’t have to look very hard to find the thief, after spotting him in the street wearing a pair of glasses in a pathetic attempt to ‘change his appearance’.

And now some comical mugshots have appeared online which show Springthorpe’s poor attempt at a disguise after he was arrested on Market Street, in South Normanton, Derbys.

He was subsequently charged with the theft of several perfume and gift sets from Boots and was sentenced to 30 weeks in jail at the Chesterfield Justice Centre.

He was arrested by South Normanton and Pinxton Safer Neighbourhood Team, part of Derbyshire Police, who released a statement and shared pictures of Springthorpe’s ‘cunning’ disguise on social media.

Web users took to social media to mock the criminal’s feeble attempts to disguise his appearance, with many pointing out how little effort had gone into the costume and how no effort had been made to cover up his distinctive neck tattoo.

Tom Armstrong wrote: “Pleased with the custodial sentence. Doubt it will make much difference though. Unfortunately it’s in one ear, out the other with people like him.”

Angela May said: “On reflection, David realised the Mickey Mouse Ear muffs may have been less conspicuous than he first thought and was regretting his choice of the Micheal Cane style glasses.”

Tim Bottomley put: “Yes mate, those glasses completely disguise the fact you’ve got massive ears and a neck tattoo. PMSL He looks exactly the same.”

Springthorpe has previously been in and out of court on a series of petty theft charges. In January he was charged with stealing £20 worth of steak from a Co-Op store in Alreton, Derby, for which he was fined £80 and forced to pay £20 compensation, a £30 victim surcharge and £85 costs after the court heard he was a heroin and crack cocaine user.

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