X Factor: Celebrity Viewers Shocked As Nicole Scherzinger ‘Motorboats’ Louis Walsh

Viewers of The X Factor: Celebrity have slammed Nicole Scherzinger after she ‘forcibly motorboated’ fellow judge Louis Walsh on last night’s show.

The 41-year-old ex-Pussycat Dolls singer took things to bizarre extremes on the show last night when she grabbed the Irish music mogul by the head and shoved her chest into his face in a tight hug.

Simon Cowell didn’t seem too fazed by the whole thing, he kept on laughing and clapping in the background, however some folks in the Saturday evening audience obviously thought it was a bit much for them.

It seems as if some of them think that The X Factor is supposed to be a ‘family show’ and said that not only was it inappropriate behaviour, but if the roles had been reversed – that is, if Louis had forcibly grabbed her and shoved himself on her – there would be uproar.

One person took to Twitter and said: “Nobody bats an eyelid at Nicole forcibly motorboating a fellow judge. Just imagine the furore if a male judge thrust his schnangus [whatever that is] into her face. It would be career ending. #CelebrityXFactor.”

Another said: “Why does Nicole always have to be so sexual. Stuffing her boobs in Louis’ face #CelebrityXFactor #XFactorCelebrity.”

A third offered: “Umm Nicole rubbing her boobs in Louis’ face… is that ok?! Imagine if Louis rubbed his bits on her face! #CelebrityXFactor”

As for the actual show itself, fans were shocked to see former football star turned Hollywood actor Vinnie Jones try to effectively sack himself.

The 54-year-old found himself placed in the bottom two with Glee star Kevin McHale, but gallantly fell on his own sword in order to save the 31-year-old’s place.

Vinnie explained his decision by saying that he’d ‘had a fantastic time’ and added that the experience had been ‘everything I’ve needed since my wife’s passing’.

Of Kevin, he said the TV star is a ‘real singer’ who has the potential to ‘win it’.

Vinnie then said: “For that reason I’d like to step down.”

However, Simon Cowell was having none of it.

He put it to the judges vote, and Vinnie was saved.

Cowell justified his decision by saying: “The last person in the world I’d like to have a fall-out with is Vinnie, I don’t want to be Gazza.”

Yep, we can all agree on that front, Simon.

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