KFC is now selling an 80-piece popcorn bucket and it costs just £5.99

Popcorn chicken is one of life’s greatest snacks, but after lobbing a few into your mouth and chowing down, you often find those little golden nuggets of joy are gone all too soon – especially if there are other greedy fingers at bay, ready to steal your stash.

But there’s now hope for anyone who finds their fried chicken runs out too fast, as KFC is now selling an 80-piece popcorn bucket (yep, 80 PIECES), and it costs just £5.99. KFC says the bucket is intended to be shared between four people.

A regular bucket of popcorn chicken. Credit: KFC

At the moment the deal is only being trialled at a number of restaurants in Glasgow, but KFC hasn’t ruled out a nationwide roll-out – so cross those fingers!

Usually, popcorn chicken boxes cost £3.99, and while I have absolutely no idea how many pieces they include on average, I think it’s safe to say it’s not 80.

The deal was spotted by a KFC customer in Strathclyde, Glasgow, who shared a photo on HotUKDeals, writing: “Went to my Local KFC and they are doing this deal.”

80 pieces for just £5.99? You bet! Credit: HotUKDeals

Cautious but hopeful, LADbible called up KFC to confirm whether or not it’s a legit thing, and thankfully the chain confirmed this is real life and not just fantasy.

Someone else also noticed an advert for the deal, and took one for the team by asking KFC on Twitter: “Hi @KFC_UKI can you tell me if this deal is nationwide please?”

KFC responded to explain that the deal is currently being trialled at 10 restaurants in Glasgow, but is considering a nationwide release if all goes ‘well’.

That cheeky winking emoji certainly implies the company can be persuaded, given enough encouragement.

In the meantime, KFC urged people to simply get themselves to Glasgow to capitalise on the deal, telling one Twitter user: “Beautiful city I’m led to believe, make a weekend out of it!”

Users on HotUKDeals were pretty stoked to hear about the deal, although some were left wondering if it means some poor sod at KFC actually has to count out 80 pieces of popcorn chicken.

One joked: “Do you have to wait ages whilst they count out 80 popcorn chicken.”

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