Asda now does PINK GIN cream so you can pour it over deserts this Christmas

SUPERMARKET Asda is selling pink gin cream – and you can pour it over your mince pies this Christmas.

The extra special pink gin cream is made using sweetened British double cream with flavours of fruity pink gin and mulled fruit

Asda is launching a pink gin cream and it looks delicious

Asda’s fruity gin cream will cost you £2 a pop and is currently available in stores and online.

For those worried about their waistline, be careful because an entire pot contains 936 calories.

Sainsbury’s would charge you £1.10 for a 300ml pot of double cream, which is 90 cheaper than Asda’s fruity flavoured gin cream.

The 250ml pot of creamy delight is the perfect accompaniment to Asda’s extra special sloe gin mince pies, which will cost you £2 per pack of six.

We shopped around and spotted that M&S sold a limited edition pink gin-flavoured cream 200g tub over the summer for £3.50.

There are currently no other pink gin creams available to nab on the market.

An Asda spokesperson said: “We’re really excited to bring our customers a boozy twist on a Christmas staple.

“We’re seeing gin-infused foods continue as a big theme within and with Pink Gin still rising in popularity, we wanted to ensure that Brits could still savour their favourite flavour throughout winter in the form of this delicious cream!”

Asda’s boozy pink gin cream will be available until December 26.

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