Putting your Christmas tree up before December means you’re ‘tacky’

IT’S A debate that rolls up like Santa every festive season – when exactly are you meant to put up your Christmas tree?

Furious discussions have erupted on Mumsnet, with some claiming it’s “tacky” and “vulgar” to unveil it before next month.

Mumsnet users have been embroiled in a furious debate over the date you should put your Christmas tree up Credit: Getty – Contributor

It all started when one woman suggested, in a post on the popular website, that November 25th was a perfectly acceptable date to have your Christmas tree up by.

However, her fellow users passionately disagreed – arguing it was far too early.

One person wrote: “Way way too early. December 1st at the earliest.”

Another commented: “NOT before December 1st. We need laws. Including the death penalty for shops who put xmas stuff out in September.”

“Christmas Eve to Twelfth Night. Anything else is a bit vulgar really.” Mumsnet User

Some suggested that mid-December was ideal.

One member shared: “25th November is insanely early too! 15th December is the earliest it should go up. Down on the 6th January.”

However, another went to the extreme – and risked being branded The Grinch – by insisting you should wait until Christmas Eve.

They argued: “Trees up this early is so tacky! Don’t do it. Christmas Eve to Twelfth Night. Anything else is a bit vulgar really.”

And a fellow user added: “It’s also massively wasteful of energy resources, so unless they’re being solar-powered, they are harming the rest of us.”

According to Love Energy Savings, it will cost you £9 extra on your electricity bill having your Christmas tree lights on for six hours a day in December.

“NOT before December 1st. We need laws.” Mumsnet User

Love Energy Savings’ Phil Foster said: “It’s incredible the amount of energy which is consumed over the Christmas period in general, but getting your decorations out early can only lead to inflated electricity bills for longer periods.

“While it might seem like a nice idea to start celebrating early, I would advise people to consider the costs before they start decorating.”

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