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Bloke proposes with a box of McDonald’s chicken nuggets & engagement ring he spent just 20 minutes buying

IF your other half is going to pop the question over a meal, then most of us would probably want it to be at some fancy restaurant complete with candles, champagne and a shared chocolate pudding or two.

In other words, NOT while we’re chilling out in our tracksuit bottoms and stuffing ourselves silly with McDonald’s chicken nuggets on the sofa.

The American woman revealed her husband decided to propose spontaneously and bought her a ring from Walmart and put it in a box of McDonald’s chicken nuggets Credit: Facebook

Unfortunately for one woman, this was the exact scenario she was faced with when her man popped out to their dinner and came back with a ring stuffed in a box of chicken nuggets.

Sharing the weird and wonderful story on the Facebook group That’s It, I’m Proposal Shaming, the American woman explained: “My husband, bless his heart, decided on a whim that he wanted to get me a ring and present in the cutest way that he could possibly think of in a span of 20 minutes.”

After deciding on a spontaneous proposal, the man headed to Walmart first and called his girlfriend’s best friend for advice picking out a ring before picking up the nuggets at McDonalds.

While he was out getting food, the woman – who was not expecting the proposal in the slightest – decided to take a nap and was “still extremely sleepy” when he returned.

The woman was confused when she found the black engagement ring box where her dipping sauce should be Credit: Facebook

Describing how her husband “knew I couldn’t resist nuggets”, the woman added: “I opened the box and saw the black box inside (closed then) and I said, ‘what the f**k kind of sauce is this?’

“And then opened the box and went, ‘Oh. Oh my god. Is that an engagement ring?’ And the rest is history.”

Although fast food takeaway proposals usually don’t go down well on the internet , other members of the group found the whole thing heartwarming and praised the “adorable” groom.

One replied: “Maybe I just have low standards but literally all I need is for the ring itself not to touch any food. This is perfect.”

Credit: Facebook
Members of the group praised the ‘adorable’ groom Credit: Facebook

Another added: “I laughed at your reaction because that would so be me.”

“Okay but this is low key funny and cute as f**k,” a third replied.

Meanwhile, one user gushed: “I love this so much.”

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