Someone has created a ‘birthing selfie stick’ for the ultimate Christmas present

A BIRTHING selfie stick which promises to “share every angle of your child’s birth” is being sold online… but it’s not all it seems.

The gadget says it will “capture every contraction with confidence” and sells itself as being the perfect Christmas present for an expectant friend.

It’s available on Amazon for £6

“A baby’s arrival is a magical event. And there’s only one chance to get the shot. Birthie Stick is sturdy and fully adjustable, allowing you to capture every contraction with confidence,” the product description reads.

With the creator, Brandi Rae James, adding: “Why selfishly live in a moment when you can be sharing it with the world?”

“That question is what led me to create the Birthie Stick. After watching too many boring, low-quality delivery room videos, I knew my angel’s arrival needed breakthrough, cinematography.”

But, there is a catch – the product is in fact a hoax and designed to be the ultimate Christmas present prank for a pal.

The idea was created by Prank Pack

Priced at £6 on Amazon, it’s actually just a box so you can pack your real Christmas present inside, instead.

“Simply put your real present inside the joke box and try to keep a straight face as you watch your friends and loved ones attempt to remain gracious while thanking you for the Prank Pack,” the description continues.

“Then watch them explode with laughter when they discover their actual stuff inside and realise they have been pranked.”

The hilarious box features instructions on how to use the stick, with one expectant mum appearing to pout in the camera while in labour.

It also recommends linking the stick up to their “HouseCall” app to “turn the world into a delivery room”.

“Save time and money by using the Birthie Stick with the new HouseCall app.

“Just log on once your water breaks and a board-certified obstetrician will walk you through the delivery process from the comfort of, well, anywhere!”

Shoppers have been finding the prank product hilarious, with one commenting: “Great gag gift, worth the laughs! Will buy again!”

While the product is available to buy on, it does ship to the UK.

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