Genius Present Wrapping Hack Will Help Out Those Who Are Useless This Christmas

If you’re the type of person who feels overcome with dread when faced with a present, some festive paper and some sellotape, then prepare to have your life changed by this genius gift wrapping hack.

There’s lots to love about Christmas, and if you’re good at wrapping presents then there’s no reason why that activity shouldn’t be one of them.

However, there’s a large number of unfortunate people out there who have a habit of cutting incorrectly-sized pieces of paper, who get tangled up in sticky tape, and who end up with a pile of presents that look like they’ve already been ripped apart every year.

If you can relate to that description, then this video is for you:

Selecting the appropriately-sized piece of wrapped paper is always a bit of a guessing game – unless you can be bothered to do actual measurements – so whether you’re a scissor snipper or a scissor glider, we all share the same sense of hope when it comes to folding the paper around the gift.

It’s very rare you get the sizing exactly right, so one of two things happens – you’re either left with excess paper that goes to waste and reduces the amount of presents you can wrap in total, or you’re left with a too-small piece that is entirely useless.

That is, until now.

The hack shows that when faced with a piece of paper that is both too short and too narrow, you can turn your gift on an angle and wrap the paper diagonally in a way that successfully encases the gift in question. No more wasted paper!

The incredible revelation, shared by Blossom Hacks on Twitter, has taken the online world by storm and blew the minds of number of social media users.

Of course, this hack won’t help if you’re terrible at cutting wrapping paper, or if you find yourself constantly scrunching up your sellotape. It’s also not very helpful if you’re faced with an oddly-shaped gift, like a mug. Mugs are the worst to wrap.

However, whenever you do have a box to cover and you’re down to your last rectangle of paper, hopefully this video will come in handy. And remember, in the wise words of Pam from The Office, ‘if you’re using more than three pieces of tape to wrap a present, you’re doing it wrong’.

Happy wrapping!

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