American Tourist Blown Away After She Discovers Wetherspoon Pubs For The First Time

An American visiting the UK has been left gobsmacked after discovering Wetherspoon pubs for the first time – and the TikTok video she posted of her amazed reaction has gone viral.

Imagine that, how lucky she is to be only just discovering Wetherspoon now.

As we’re all no doubt aware, the quintessential British pub chain is a place where people of all colours, creeds and social standing can meet for a cheap pint and some scran in a non-threatening pub environment.

It’s more of a cultural touchstone than, let’s say, Nelson’s Column, that’s for sure.

Suffice to say, engineering student Mallory was impressed by what she received, and she didn’t even plump for the £1.69 pint of Greene King.

She told her TikTok followers: “OK, so the place that I’ve found that interests you [her viewers, presumably] the most is a place called Wetherspoons [sic] in England, and it’s so frickin’ good!

“So, it’s like really cheap. I’m going to get the vegetarian breakfast, it’s only that amount [£3.65] and then a latte, and then you get free refills. It’s amazing.”

She then showed everyone the inner workings of the coffee machine, just to prove that you get free unlimited refills, as if people would have no concept of such a thing.

Then, in a final shot, she showed the haul she and her pals had managed to accrue and told them: “So we got all of this food, plus the coffee for ten pounds.”

Yep, that’s how it works in Wetherspoon pubs.

Finally, she parted with a crucial piece of advice: “Make sure you put the beans on the toast, because it’s frickin’ amazing.”

Yep, it sure is, Mallory.

Naturally, those in the comments after she shared the vid on her Twitter have been lapping it up.

One wrote: “Sometimes it takes an outsider to pull back the curtain and show us how lucky we are.”

Another said: “Wish I was experiencing spoons for the first time.”

A third simply wrote: “HEAVEN.”

All in all, it’s a wholesome story with a decent lesson at the end of it about not taking Wetherspoon pubs for granted. Imagine what’ll happen when Mallory discovers Nandos.

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