Human Ken Doll Roddy Alves Comes Out As Transgender Woman

After becoming famous for spending £500,000 ($650,000) on surgery and becoming known as the ‘Human Ken Doll’, Rodrigo Alves has come out as a transgender woman.

The reality TV star announced her decision in the Sunday Mirror by saying: “It feels ­amazing to finally tell the world I’m a girl.

“I’m known as Ken, but inside I’ve always felt like Barbie.”

Alves, who now wishes to be known as Roddy and uses the pronouns ‘she’ and ‘her’, has admitted that she will also have more surgery as she continues her transition, including gender realignment surgery.

She continued: “I finally feel like the real me. Glamorous, beautiful and feminine.

“For years I tried to live my life as a man. I had a fake six pack put in, I had fake muscles in my arms but I was lying to myself.

“I’m a woman and have always had a feminine brain. Now my body matches my mind.”

The 36-year-old added: “I will have a penile inversion and my testicles will be removed. That will be the final step.

“Before that I’m having silicone breast implants. I’ll be able to wear dresses that show my cleavage and look sexy. I’m very excited.

“After that, I’m having face feminisation surgery. It will be an incision at the top of my scalp, and through that the doctor will reshape my forehead, give me an eye lift, lip lift and middle face lift.

“I’m having my Adam’s apple removed, my jawline shaved and my chin modified.”

The Brazilian celebrity, who now lives in London, spoke of the trepidation with which she approached this difficult decision.

She said: “Behind closed doors, I’ve been living as a woman for the last three months. I love it and everything that comes with it – going to nice hair salons and getting my nails, eyebrows and eyelashes done. Buying dresses and high heels and wearing sexy lingerie.

“But I have been trolled and called a freak and a weirdo, so of course I am nervous about how people will react.

“A few years ago I could never have done this but it feels easier now.

“People are more aware of what ­being transgender means. I just hope people can accept me as a woman and don’t judge or ridicule me.”

Alves said that this decision has taken years to come to, and that she realised she wanted to live as a woman when she was a child, dressing in her mother’s clothes back in Brazil.

Since moving to the UK at the age of 20, Alves has become the ‘face of plastic surgery’, but always felt as if something was wrong.

She explained: “Growing up, I was very feminine and used to play with dolls and wear my mum’s dresses and heels.

“I had an instinct towards toys and clothes ­designed for females.

“I was bullied at school because I was very feminine. Boys would play football and girls ­volleyball. I’d always be with the girls.

“I have tried my best to behave like a man but deep inside I was never happy.

“I would see a ­beautiful woman and feel jealous because I wanted to be like them.

“I think like a woman, I act like a woman because I have always been one deep inside.”

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