Rita Ora Admits She Finds Chameleon ‘Fit’ On Masked Singer

It is the year 2020 – a year people may have once predicted to be full of hoverboards, teleportation and holidays to Mars. But the people in the year 2020 don’t spend their Saturday evenings jetpacking between pubs in the sky – they sit on the sofa and try to guess who is singing in an animal costume.

Yes, The Masked Singer was the prime-time TV on offer on ITV last night, a show in which celebrities sing in daft costumes and people try and guess who they are.

But viewers – and judge Rita Ora in particular – seemed very keen indeed to know who was underneath the chameleon costume.

As the contestant swaggered on to the stage, Ora’s jaw dropped as she told fellow judge Davina McCall: “He looks fit… I never thought I’d fancy a chameleon.”

McCall agreed the reptile had a ‘really lovely body’ and judge Jonathan Ross joked: “Chameleons are supposed to disappear, I can see EVERYTHING in that outfit.”

We still don’t know which celebrity is underneath the costume, and will have to stick around for upcoming episodes to see the head-turning reptile unmasked.

The judges weren’t the only ones distracted by the alluring lizard, as many viewers took to social media to say they too had witnessed the chameleon’s bulge:

The reality singing show is based on the South Korean show King of Mask Singer, which has since spread across the globe and has at last reached our shores.

It’s back on ITV tonight (Sunday) at 8pm and you can catch up on the first episode on the ITV Hub.

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