Bloke makes ‘slushie cocktails’ with vodka and raspberry sours and people reckon he’s a genius

A MAN has revealed how he makes “Slushie cocktails with a kick” at home and people are hailing him a genius.

He uploaded a photo of his tasty-looking purple drinks, which he said were created with raspberry shots and vodka. 

People are going wild for one man’s recipe for ‘Slushie cocktails’Credit: Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group/Facebook

Taking to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, he wrote: “Raspberry sours x four shots, Cherry sours x two shots, Blue Curacao x two shots,  Vodka x six shots into a blender with ice and lemonade. 

“Call it what you want slushies with a kick.”

His boozy recipe appears to make at least two pint-sized drinks, and seems to have gone down well with those stuck in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

One said: “these are on the agenda”, and another said: “these sound amazing!!!”

Meanwhile, one said: “that looks luscious.”

They aren’t the only homemade cocktails causing a stir on social media during the self-isolation period. 

People have been making Vimto cocktails using a few ingredients and they look absolutely delicious. 

All you need to nail the tasty-looking drink is Smirnoff, WKD Dark Fruits and Cherryade. 

A woman shared a photo of Vimto cocktails and shared how she took them to the next level using sweets like Vimto Fizzy Pencils and Strawberry Laces as a garnish. 

Please drink responsibly and be Drinkaware.

People have also been making Vimto cocktails during lockdown with Smirnoff, WKD Dark Fruits and Cherryade

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