DELIVEROO & MORRISONS are now delivering alcohol around the UK within 30 minutes

Morrisons and Deliveroo have joined up to offer home deliveries in as little 30 minutes.

Customers will be able to order from more than 100 essential items, including groceries, household items and alcoholic beverages.

There are 130 stores across the UK taking part in the scheme, from those in Glasgow to Plymouth.

Delivery costs £4.99 and there are limits imposed on how much of one particular item you can buy in order to prevent stockpiling.

Ajay Lakhwani of Deliveroo said: “We are pleased to play our role in making sure households have access to everything they need and want as they keep safe at home.”

But Deliveroo and Morrisons aren’t the only service providers for on-demand alcohol delivery.

In cities, there are a growing number of apps offering the same, such as Wineapp, which offers 30-minute delivery of more than 700 beers, wines and spirits to residents in central London.

Since the lockdown was imposed, Wineapp’s daily sales have surged by 1,600 per cent and the company is approaching a seven-figure revenue as a result of its success.

Founder Marco Nardone told The Independent that the app is selling roughly 5,000 bottles of wine a day.

“We were extremely lucky to be well-positioned for lockdown with a custom-built app; it’s allowed us to instantly ramp up,” he added.

Last month, figures revealed that one in five people were drinking more than usual in lockdown.

Additionally, several mainstream alcohol retailers have reported a surge in sales.

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