Truly disgusting world records – from eating cockroaches to sniffing feet

In this combination picture of before and after, Claudio Paulo Pinto pops his eyeballs out of their sockets, in Belo Horizonte, 340 kilometers (210 miles) north of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Saturday, Sept 16, 2006. Claudio Paulo Pinto is looking for work. That's his job _ looking. Pinto can pop his eyeballs at least 7 millimeters (0.3 inches) out of their sockets, a national record for eye-popping according to RankBrasil, an organization modelled after the Guinness Book of World Records that lists Brazilian records. Pinto says he's been doing this since he was nine years old and "it doesn't hurt a bit."

World records are a source of great pride among those who break them, but from eating cockroaches to blowing spaghetti from nostrils, these records are not like most others

The world is filled with weird and wonderful things – and humans are no exception.

For every average joe, there’s a person who’s a little more… interesting.

And nothing seems to attract the more unusual among us than world records.

There are some records which tend to go unchallenged for many years, and sometimes never.

Not because no-one is capable of such feats, but because they’re just too darn disgusting.

Purely for your entertainment, Daily Star Online has rounded up eight of the grossest world records we could find.

Most cockroaches eaten in one minute – Ken Edwards

Ken Edwards munched down 36 bugs on TV (Image: Youtube)

It’s exactly what it sounds like…

Ken Edwards, from Glossop, Derbyshire, ate 36 cockroaches on one minute.

He did so on the set of The Big Breakfast in 2001.

The retired rat catcher and part-time entertainer became a niche celebrity overnight after performing his bizarre stunt.

Ken claims that eating cockroaches feels like having the back of your throat anaesthetised – this is because of the scent they use to ward off predators.


Most feet and armpits sniffed – Madeleine Albrec

The fear of feet is called podophobia – and it’s not uncommon (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

If you hate feet… look away now.

Madeleine was employed at the Hill Top Research Lab in Cincinnati, USA where she tested products for Dr.Scholl.

For 15 years she had to sniff thousands of sweaty feet and armpits to check the efficacy of their products.

Guinness World Records state that she holds the record having sniffed 5,600 feet and an unknown number of armpits.

Longest pubic hair – Maoni Vi

While there’s no photographic evidence of Maoni’s record, it’s noted that she has the longest pube in the world.

The Cape Town woman has a pubic hair which clocked in at 28 inches long.

She also holds the record for the longest armpit hair – 32 inches long.

Let’s hope she owns a lot of shampoo.

Most maggots moved by someone’s mouth in one hour – Charlie Bell

Charlie broke his horrifying record on television (Image: Youtube)

We think this might be the worst one on our list… maybe.

In 2009, Charlie Bell achieved his record on the set of Guinness World Records Smashed.

Charlie was allowed to drink water during the attempt and the maggots were starved for two days prior.

The pot he took maggots from was refilled twice during the hour and towards the end some of them began to hatch into flies.

Likely because of the heat in the studio.

Charlie shifted a truly unbelievable 17kg of maggots… with his mouth.


Deepest insertion of finger into one’s nose – Josh Werner

Picking your nose is gross.

This record is grosser.

Josh Werner managed to stick his little finger 2.25 inches into his right nostril.

That’s about two thirds of the length of a generic crayon.

We wonder if he gets a lot of nosebleeds…

Largest nose hair collection – Michael Bailey

The hairs were divided into piles of 50 hairs to count them (Image: Guinness)

Lots of people like to collect things.

From toy cars to vintage stamps, there’s a niche for everyone.

Even… Michael Bailey.

Record Setter stated that the Illinois man broke the record for the largest nose hair collection in 2009.

He has a collection of 584 individual nose hairs.

To accurately count them, he had to painstakingly separate them into piles of 50 hairs and a final pile of 34 hairs.

Yes, we have questions.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be known whether the hairs are from his own nose or… cultivated from elsewhere.

Furthest eyeball popper – Kim Goodman

(Image: FAME/Barcroft Media Ltd)

No, not popping like exploding, popping like protruding.

In 2007, the Guinness World Records gave Kim Goodman the title of furthest eyeball popper record holder.

She managed to force her eyeballs to stick out of their sockets by 12mm.

That may not sound very much but, it sure does look scary.

Kim discovered she could pop her eyes out of her head – also called globe luxation – when she was a child.

She absent-mindedly stuck a pencil behind her eyeball and… a talent was discovered.


Farthest nasal ejection of spaghetti– Kevin Cole

Honestly, this is more impressive than it is disgusting.

Kevin Cole is recorded to have ejected 7.5 inches worth of spaghetti from his nose in a single blow.

The New Mexico man broke the record in 1998.

He started training for the record by practicing with ramen noodles, before moving up to spaghetti strands.


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