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‘Killer’ mum found carrying daughters severed head as she wandered naked down streets

A WOMAN who was found walking naked carrying her daughter’s severed head in a bag was described as a “loving mother” and good parent who adored her daughter by shocked pals.

Police are investigating Tatiana Pyanova, 38, a cleaner from Kharkiv city, Ukraine, who neighbours say “adored” her only child, Kristina, 13, who she is now accused of murdering.

Police wrapped a blanket around the woman during her arrest

Kristina Pyanova was described as a happy girl from a good familyCredit: East2west News

Pyanova was arrested in Kharkiv city with a knife in one hand and a plastic bag containing the severed head of her teenage daughter in the other.

A video shows Pyanova naked on a city road as police officials and patrol cars surrounded her. She allegedly threatened police with the knife when she was approached.

Her daughter’s decapitated body was later found with 20 stab wounds.

Pyanova’s brother Anton, 40, from Podvirki village, had called police to report that he had found the beheaded body of his niece in the house they shared.


There were no strange noises reported on the night Kristina is believed to have been murdered.

Pyanova had a job as a cleaner and while the family was “poor”, the girl was not socially deprived and the pair were described as a loving and normal family.
The dead girl’s adoptive grandmother told local press: “I don’t believe that Tatiana could do that, I don’t believe it.

“She is a great mother, she would move a mountain for her daughter.

“Something must have happened in the house.

“Someone must have drugged her or something, she couldn’t do that.”

The nude woman was found wandering on a city road

Police found the head in a plastic bag she was clutchingCredit: H_saltovka

The community has been rocked and disturbed by the tragedy, saying it was totally out of character.

Another neighbour said: “They went on holiday together and travelled for holidays and cooked for each other.

“Tatiana always attended all school events. The girl was cheerful, good, went to school.”

One neighbour fueled rumours of “magic”.
They said: “Sometimes people came to their house both from the village and from Kharkiv.

“I know that Tatiana seemed to be either engaged in magic or was a psychic.

“Other neighbours say that she sometimes performed some rituals.”

The rumours were later denied by others who also knew her.

A police statement said: “When they arrived at the scene, police found a citizen in an inadequate condition.

“In one hand she held a knife, in the other a package containing a severed female head.

“The woman refused to explain anything to police officers.”

Pyanova is now in custody under investigation for murder.

Kristina lived with her mother and uncle before she was brutally murderedCredit: East2west News

Pyanova was remanded in custody while the incident is investigated

Horrified locals look on at the shocking spectacleCredit: Veha

A family friend said Pyanova was a good mumCredit: East2west News

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