Desperate for a friendly face? Lonely lockdowners are spotting them everywhere, from fridges to washing machines

WE’RE all going a bit loopy in lockdown, unable to leave our homes and meet up with mates face-to-face.

Which may explain why people seem to be spotting faces in the strangest of places — from our pints to our household appliances.

Faces seem to be cropping up everywhere – including in this car’s jaw-dropping glasses case

People have previously boasted of having baby faces in their knees, while some have even found claimed to have spotted Princess Charlotte’s face on Meghan Markle’s leg.

The weird phenomenon is called “pareidolia” — where the brain interprets meaningful shapes and patterns in meaningless information.

It’s why some stunned Brits have found Elvis in their toast or Jesus in their curtains – or why everywhere you look in your home, there might appear to be faces looking back at you.

Here are some of the weirdest examples.

This helmet seems seriously happy about head protection
Seatbelts can also seem extremely smiley about safety, too
If ever you needed another reason not to stockpile toilet paper, turning your toilet into a judgemental scowl might be it
There’s something up with this staircase
This frightened fridge has absolutely no chill whatsoever
The position of the windows and the door in this church wall make the building look like something holy different
Wouldn’t you expect to usually find a face on a head?
Sometimes, faces just readily appear in objects – you don’t have to fawcett
Whereas this tap just won’t pipe down
Wonder how long it took the owner of this door to latch on to this face being here?
Make America crate again
Get a load of this guy
There’d be trouble brewing if you caught this face looking at you from your kitchen counter

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