Cadbury’s is bringing back a classic treat – and introducing two exciting new bars

Cadbury’s has released two new chocolate bars on UK ground and brought back an old favourite, and you can pick them up at B&M for a bargain price

Chocolate is one of those comfort foods that people always reach for no matter the mood. Sad? Chocolate. Happy? Chocolate… You get the gist.

So thankfully, there are two new Cadbury’s flavours for you to sink your teeth into.

But that’s not even the most exciting part, as they’re also bringing back a customer favourite – and we can’t wait to enjoy it once again.

The budget retailer B&M announced the news on their Instagram recently captioning the post: “Has anyone else spotted these tasty @CadburyUK bars in store yet?! (originally from @cadburyaust!). 

“They’ve just made an appearance, alongside a wider range of exotic #chocolate bars, so they’re well worth picking up next time you pop in for an essential shop!” and also thanked @kevssnackreviews for snapping the picture.

Two of Cadbury’s new chocolate flavours (Image: B&M Stores/Instagram)

Kev, who has a snack review Instagram account, revealed that each of the two new bars – the Cadbury Dairy Milk Moro Block and the Cadbury Dairy Milk Crispy Mint Creme – as well as Cadbury’s Top Deck, retail for £2.99 at the store.

Speaking about the Cadbury Dairy Milk Moro Block, he said: “These are a must”.

The chocolate giant have also brought back a fan favourite (Image: B&M Stores/Instagram)

He added: “The Dairy Milk tastes better quality than our UK version, richer and more like it used to back in the day.

“The pockets of caramel are lovely and again tastes better than UK Cadbury caramel.

“The chocolate malt filling gives a rich malty flavour, it’s very chocolatey but with a distinct malted edge. All together it’s delicious!”

And went on to say that even though he loves mint chocolate, it can be hard to get the combinations right, revealing that the Cadbury Dairy Milk Crispy Mint Creme was not his favourite out of the new two.

He said: “Here, there’s the creamy Dairy Milk coating a sweet but strong mint flavour creme. Think mint chip ice cream.

“The crunchy pieces add some nice texture and overall it’s very sweet and minty.

“I’m not sure this is my favourite so far – I preferred the Moro block. But if you’re a mint lover this is one you’ll surely enjoy!”

And, we can’t forget about Cadbury’s Top Deck.

It’s a layer of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate with a top layer of their Dream white chocolate.

One person remembered the bar and said: “These were out years ago and they were amazing!!!”

B&M is definitely the place to pick up old-school chocolate bars, since Cadbury’s Dream has hit their stores too. 

The 180g bar also retails for £2.99 – grab them all whilst you can.

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