Guy Makes Amazing Jack Daniel’s Water Feature For Garden While Drunk

Dave Tonks, 53, had originally saved the bottles to turn them into candle holders. However, his partner of five years, Lisa, thought they could be put to better use, and after a few bevvies (presumably some JD was involved), they came up with this ingenious idea. 

Speaking to LADbible, pest control technician Dave said: “I made it with bits and pieces laying around the garden and used the pump from an old fountain. 

“I was saving the bottles to put candles in them. It was my partner’s idea to make a water feature out of them. She did most of the design, to be fair.

What a beauty. Credit: Dave Tonks

“It was a nice day and I was pretty drunk and just knocked it all together.”

Simple as that then, Dave! And what a joint effort it turned out to be.

Going into a bit more detail, for anyone wanting to give it a go themselves, he explained: “It was a pump from an old water feature that I adapted with LED lights. The smoke machine was bought years ago.”

Dave and Lisa came up with the idea together. Credit: Dave Tonks

The real question is though, can you slip your glass under to fill your drink, lavish party style? Well, at this stage, no – although Lisa suggested they colour it with coffee for effect. 

Dave added: “I would love to try it with real JD and Coke, but it would cost a fortune.”

He’s been inundated with requests for replicas though, so all he’d have to do is sell a few of these bad boys and that JD would pay for itself.

It’s even got LED lights for when it goes dark. Credit: Dave Tonks

The Gloucester native, who has been busy looking after hospitals as part of his day job, has been overwhelmed by the response on social media since he posted the videos. They have been viewed and shared hundreds of thousands of times, with a wealth of comments from people saying they want one. 

Dave’s daughter has even reached out to Jack Daniel’s for sponsorship – it could be the start of a very lucrative new business venture, all from a drunken bit of DIY. Not bad at all.

Featured Image Credit: Dave Tonks

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