Man shares how to make Tango Ice Blasts at home with four simple ingredients

A movie night at the cinema is never complete without a Tango Ice Blast – but an easy method to make one yourself at home has been shared on TikTok

Being stuck inside during lockdown means we’ve all been watching every series and film we can get our hands on to pass the time.

If you’re lucky enough to have popcorn stocked up then you’re already well on the way to recreating a more authentic movie night experience.

But even then it’s still missing one key element that’s integral to every trip to the cinema – and that’s a Tango Ice Blast.

The colourful flavours of the fizzy iced drink only ever seem to be found at the movies – but one creative genius has shared a way to make them at home to complete the ultimate film night experience.

Slice up the ice lollies so they fit in the blender (Image: TIKTOC)
The final results look delicious (Image: TIKTOC)

What’s better is it only uses four ingredients, and the method is incredibly simple.

TikTok user Caughtsnackin uploaded a video titled: “Who else is craving a Tango Ice Blast!?”, which has racked up more than 155,000 views. 

He begins by cutting three ice lollies into strips, using bubblegum flavour as the example, saying that any ice lollies will work and you can experiment to find the right combinations.

The chunks of ice lolly go into a blender with some ice cubes and a splash of colourful food dye, before the Tango is added and it’s all blended together.

He says it works just as well with any fizzy drink of your choosing, and advises to combining different colourful creations – because everyone knows you have to mix flavours when you order at the cinema.

It proved to be a big hit with others who were missing the drink, as one replied to say: “I’m making this right now!”

Another said: “Thank you so much for this!”

A third commented: “Made this today, it was so good!”

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