Woman Uses Filter To Prank Boyfriend Into Believing She’d Got Him PS5

A woman pranked her boyfriend using a filter to trick him into believing she’d bought him a PlayStation 5 for Christmas.

Luke Coburn said he was struggling to hold himself together after his partner Rebecca Redbourn sent him a text message which made it look like there was a PS5 in their house. 

Alongside the photo, Rebecca sent: “Omg look what just got delivered. The box is huge!!! How am I supposed to hide that until Christmas?!”

Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Before following up with a second message that read: “Omg!!! Ignore that. I was supposed to send that to Kathie [her sister].”

A delighted Luke said: “You best be f***ing joking.”

Rebecca kept the prank going, even apologising for ruining his Christmas ‘surprise’ before sending him another shot of the ‘PS5’. 

Luke was clearly over the moon, telling Rebecca: “F*** sake I’ve gone all weird haha I love you so much aye I don’t deserve that though!

“An[d] how the f*** do I stay away from it for a month and not just that how the f*** do I match that for you hahaha.”

But then Rebecca eventually came clean, leaving poor Luke absolutely gutted. And to add insult to injury, she shared screenshots of their hilarious exchange online, which have since gone viral. 

Rebecca said: “We will still have an amazing Christmas. Although, I don’t think Luke will be happy unwrapping a pair of socks rather than the PS5 he was expecting.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media
PIC FROM Kennedy News and Media

“He’s such a wind up, we’ve been together almost four years now and he’s constantly playing pranks around the house.

“Mainly jumping out on me and recording my reaction and using fake spiders to scare me. Now we’ve got two young boys, he gets them involved too. I am outnumbered.

“Luke has already admitted that nothing he will do [to prank me] can top this but I know that won’t stop him. He will do everything to come up with something bigger and better.”

Luke added: “I’m still a bit gutted about it. I’m starting to see the funny side, but obviously she had me a good one.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media
Credit: Kennedy News and Media

“I was a bit sceptical at first but then when she sent me a photo of it behind the bedroom door upstairs, that’s when I believed her even more.

“I was telling everyone at work and showing them the picture of the PlayStation 5 she got me.

“Obviously I said how much I love it and don’t deserve it, and I couldn’t believe it. She messaged me then saying she couldn’t keep it going anymore and it was an Instagram filter.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media

“I was gutted when she made that reveal. I still didn’t know if she was trying to cover her tracks or not and she had gotten me it, but then I looked on Instagram and saw it was a filter.

“It all confirmed for me then and sunk in. I had to go and tell the boys that she had me a good one. They were all in tears laughing, especially the men.

“I’m definitely going to plan a good revenge, it’s just what. How do I top it? She’s gone viral with it.”

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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