Company On The Look Out For ‘Bed Tester’ To Stay At 5-Star Hotels

A company is looking for a ‘bed tester’ to spend in the night in swish hotels and then give feedback on the experience – well, sign me up.

Tielle Love Luxury is on the hunt for a ‘five-star bed tester’, with the successful applicant being sent to ‘some of the country’s best hotels’ and main responsibilities including ‘dozing, snoozing and snuggling’.

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Sounds pretty bloody dreamy to me.

As part of the role, you’ll be sent off to sleep in some gorgeous hotels including The Artist Residence in Brighton and The Savoy in London.

In total you’ll get five free stays at five-star hotels for you and a guest. 

You’ll also get £1,000 in cash and £500 towards covering your travel expenses to the hotels. 

An advert for the competition reads: “Fancy getting paid to sleep like royalty?

“We need you! We are looking for a five-star bed tester…

Credit: samashdown/Pixabay .

“Think you’ve got what it takes? 

“The successful applicant will be recruited to spend the night in some of the country’s best hotels, reporting back on how our linen is experienced by guests in these exclusive settings. 
“With expenses paid, along with a fee for each night spent away from home and the opportunity to stay in iconic venues such as The Savoy, it’s quite literally the job of dreams!”
Once you’ve enjoyed a night at the swish hotels you’ll need to give feedback on your stay.
If you fancy it, you’ll need to apply on the website here – all you need to do to be in with a chance is send off your name, email address, phone number and let Tielle know why you’re the best candidate for the job

Reckon you could be a professional sleeper? Credit: Olya Adamovich/Pixabay

You’ll also need to be aged 16 or over and a UK resident. 

You have until 10 December to apply and you can find out more, including the terms and conditions, here

With travel restrictions in place for the UK at the moment, the trips will be planned for next year on dates that work for both the hotel and the bed tester.

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