Asda Selling One Litre Bottles Of Baileys For A Tenner This Weekend

Asda is selling one litre bottles of Baileys Irish Cream for a tenner this weekend – and if that doesn’t get you in the Christmas mood then nothing will. 

As part of the supermarket’s Black Friday offerings, you’ll be able to pick up a whole litre of the original Irish cream for £10. Not a bad, eh?

The offer, which was spotted on, runs from Thursday 19 to Sunday 22 November – so make sure you’re ready if you want to grab yourself a bargain.

Credit: Baileys

As you can imagine, Baileys-lovers are feeling pretty happy about the news with one person writing: “Topped off with a couple cubes of ice this is probably the best alcoholic drink you can pour into a glass.”

Another joked: “£10 Baileys has come early this year. I can already feel my waist getting rounder.”

While a third wrote: “Love a Baileys at Christmas! Same offer each year but worth it. Good presents too.”

As we gear up for Christmas, Asda is already selling litres of Baileys for a knocked down £12 – with the retailer saying the usual price for a bottle that size is £20. 

And, if Baileys is your thing, you might be pleased to learn there’s a brand new flavourjoining the ranks.

Baileys Apple Pie is a boozy twist on the classic dessert and is made using flavours of apple pie, vanilla ice cream, cinnamon and spice.

Credit: Baileys

Baileys Apple Pie are on sale in 70cl bottles for £22.99 and are available exclusively through The Bottle Club.

A description on the site reads: “The seasons are changing and that can only mean one thing… BRAND NEW BAILEYS and OMG they haven’t disappointed with this deliciously exclusive new flavour!

“Baileys Apple Pie has taken the timeless, nostalgic dessert we all grew up loving and made it drinkable with and hint of adult fun and we couldn’t be more in love.

Credit: Baileys Irish Cream/The Bottle Club

“Grab yours now to see what all the fuss is about… trust us, you don’t want to miss this one!”

The new flavour joins a growing collection meaning there’s probably a flavour to suit all tastebuds.

If the original doesn’t do it for you, and apple pie isn’t tickling your fancy, there’s also orange truffle, coffee, salted caramel, red velvet cupcake, strawberries and cream, chocolate luxe and even a vegan-friendly option made with almonds.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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