Coca Cola has made a huge change to bottles – and it’s annoying Coke fans

FANS of Coca Cola have noticed a change to their favourite fizzy drinks bottles and they are not happy.

Avid Coke drinkers have been sharing their frustrations at the new design on social media and a lot of them are saying the same thing.

Some people might have noticed and others not, but Coca Cola has started rolling out new caps to their bottles across Britain.

The caps are attached to 1.5L and 500ml bottles and don’t come off when you open your drink.

The change can also be spotted on Fanta, Sprite and Dr Pepper bottles.

The move comes as Coca Cola attempts to ensure all parts of their recyclable bottles actually end up in the recycling bin.

It aims to make it easier for people to bin their drinks when they’re finished but Coke drinkers on Twitter don’t seem convinced.

One wrote: “Not gonna lie. That new attached cap design is annoying.”

A second moaned that the cap “gets in the way when you drink it” and another called it the “worst idea ever”.

“Still needs work on getting it to stay out of the way whilst pouring/drinking and doesn’t mean I recycle more as always did,” another chimed in.

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