Man purchases run down caravan and transforms into tiny home

An Irish man bought a run down caravan to transform into a tiny home.

Patrick, who goes by @patrickcourtknee on TikTok took to the popular social media platform to share his progress.

We have been following his renovation journey which is now on episode 5 and its come a long way from when he first purchased the caravan back in June and the views are amazing!

Patrick said: “Welcome back to episode five of doing up the mobile home to make it into a tiny house to live in.

“Since the last episode I finally got electricity installed into the mobile.

“On today’s episode we’re going to crack into the living room, and I have to say of all the rooms I’ve done so far, this is definitely my favourite. The transformation is just sensational.

In the video, Patrick shows how he started off by “ripping everything out” and removing the wallpaper in an “extremely tedious” but ultimately satisfying job.

He then painted the walls, opting for a stark white colour along with some grey as well.

For flooring, Patrick decided to go with lino because he had some lying about in the house.

He used some spray adhesive to stick it to the floor.

Patrick explained: “I have a marble hearth here that we made out of an old marble table.

“We just measured out the dimensions we wanted, cut it down with a grinder, used grip fill that I am cutting there, and stick it to the wall and the cabinet.”

The young man told how he purchased a stove from Facebook Marketplace which he plans to use for heating inside the living room.

He then bought a rug from Ikea and a sofa also from Facebook Marketplace along with lots of plants.

Patrick showed two different clips of the living room before and after the cosy transformation.


He said “I have to say, I love how it turned out. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

“It’s so cosy. Look at it here at night, it’s so warm and welcoming for those dark wintery evenings. Curl up by that fire there, oh my days.”

People rushed to the comments to compliment him on the great job.

One person said: “It looks great – going to be so cosy.”

Another wrote: “Looks amazing, well done.”

And a third added: “What a beautiful place to live, it looks so peaceful.”

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