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We started a side-hustle in our front room and now rake in £22K per day selling feminist clothing

A young couple are raking in £22k per day from their front room – by selling “feminist” clothing.

Magda Krakowiak, 20, and her fiancé Kevin Pike, 21, say they made £22k in just one day after their new business went viral on TikTok

The entrepreneurs, from Norwich, add “feminist” slogans on clothing they buy from a wholesaler.

The duo then flog the items – which include t-shirts and hoodies – online with prices ranging from £20 to £38.

Slogans include ‘Abortion is healthcare’, ‘Fairy lights and reproductive rights’ and ‘Sleigh the patriarchy’.

The couple set up social media accounts for their business, Lovera Clothing, and saw sales skyrocket a few months ago when promoting their autumn range.

Magda says their work schedule is perfect because it allows them to spend quality time with their two children whilst earning a decent salary.

The mum said: “At first we were like any other start-up business, slowly building our customer base and increasing distribution.

“But we posted a video on our Lovera Clothing TikTok channel in August that went viral and, suddenly, we were receiving hundreds of orders a day.”

Last month the pair surpassed over £100k sales, all while spending time together as a family.

Magda and Kevin started the company in April 2021 after they identified a gap in the market for “feminist” clothing, aimed at making people feel empowered when they get dressed for the day.

Their operation involves ordering plain hoodies, t-shirts, jumpers, bags and shorts to their home and designing them using embroidery machines.

Each item of clothing has a quote, catchphrase or illustration stitched on to it that promotes female empowerment and addresses feminist issues.

Late August the pair posted a TikTok on their channel promoting their autumn collection – which received over two million views. They say their orders then went through the roof and the couple recorded £22,000 worth of sales in just one day.

Magda said: “We were promoting our autumn collection – just like we had done for all our other seasonal ranges – and suddenly the likes started pouring in.

“We checked our shop’s TikTok channel and our post had gone viral overnight, amassing millions of views.

“It wasn’t long before our online orders went crazy and we had to work all through the night to meet demand.

“We couldn’t believe what was happening, but there was no time to stop and think – we had to take advantage of the coverage we was getting on social media.

“Since then, sales have been consistently high, and we’re earning more and more revenue every day.”

Between August 8 and September 15 the couple received around 1,500 orders and made a staggering £101,032.95 in sales.

They are thrilled with how their operation is going but refuse to get complacent, and are keen to kick on and expand the business further.

But Magda says even before Lovera Clothing went viral, her and Kevin were happy with their venture because it allowed them time to raise their kids.

She said: “Our work schedule is set out so we have most of the day off looking after our toddler and our baby.

“Then, once they’re down for the evening, we work late into the night, sometimes till three or four o’clock in the morning.

“Since we blew up, work has been gruelling and it can be stressful keeping up with such high demand.

“Our house is full to the brim with boxes, packaging and stock, but business is booming, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for Lovera Clothing.”

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