This Expandable heated airer which costs 4p per hour to run will reduce your energy bills this winter


Temperatures are dipping as we approach the winter months and more of us are looking at cost-effective ways to keep warm. Many Britons across the country are probably doing just about anything to avoid putting the heating on, and running up an already, expensive energy bill.

Shoppers have been snapping up Oodie hoodies to keep warm at home, as well as alternative, cheaper devices to avoid using appliances in the homes that can add extra cost to gas and electricity usages.

The energy price cap will rise to £2,500 on October 1 and will be fixed at this rate for two years, the Government has guaranteed. Set by the energy regulator, Ofgem, the energy price cap is the maximum figure that can be charged to customers for typical usage of gas and electricity.

A tumble dryer can cost on average of £1.80 per cycle and up to £216 per year on average but you can get cheaper one’s that will cost around 73p per cycle and £170 a year to run, according to the sust-it site, which calculates appliance energy usages. Those who want to avoid using their tumble dryer altogether though can look at other alternatives that are purse-friendly when it comes to energy.

Now we are in the colder months we can no longer air the washing out on the line, which means costly loads in the dryer, but one device aims to solve this problem. Deals site Wowcher has this expandable heated airer which claims to cost just 4 pence an hour to run.

It features a large drying area with 18 bars to choose from and a 15kg capacity. Three heat settings plus a timer function means users can select anything from 30 minutes to seven hours. Measuring at 92cm in height, 146cm in length and 54cm in width, the heated airer is made from aluminium and weights 4.4kg, as well as featuring a 2m power cord.

It’s ideal for a cheaper alternative to a tumble dryer and those with no outdoor drying space.

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