Britain Heatwave Next Month With Temperatures Reaching Up To 26C

That’d be fine, right? We have seen it flashes already this season – remember that insane couple of days in February? – but this newest prediction could be the actual beginning of springtime.

According to the prediction, a few parts of Britain could see temperatures as high as 26C. That’s damn sexy, wherever you are.

That is because we are going to get a load of plumes of warm air coming up all of the way from Africa, and it’s famously quite hot in areas of Africa, is not it?

If you’re someone who likes a bet, some bookies have really slashed odds on it being the warmest spring ever. Bookmakers aren’t often wrong about stuff – they’d be out of a job if they were.

So, here’s the Met Office. They stated:”For March-May, above-average temperatures are more inclined than below-average.

“The likelihood UK average temperatures will fall into the warmest of the five groups is 50 per cent. The coldest class is 10 per cent.

“Some long-range prediction techniques indicate a heightened chance of high pressure to the south of the United Kingdom.”

Brian Gaze, a forecaster from The Weather Outlook, advised that the Sun:”With computer models strongly favouring a warm spring, there is potential for the record for the newest spring to be contested.

“Highs of 26C are probably in April.

“And there is an increased chance of a hot and settled summer because of the trend for more high stress, which brings warm states in summertime.”

So, where’s the catch?

As per usual, if you live in the North West, you may not observe the best of the weather. There’s a fantastic prospect of some the folks from the North and West might find some rain, in reality.

Meanwhile, we may see a decent progress this week. Highs of 18C may be regarded as early as Friday.

Met Office meteorologist Becky Mitchell said:”It’s warming up – it’s not likely to be exceptionally warm but it is going to be better than the past few days.

“A band of high pressure will mean it’ll be dry across most of the country, with patches of cloud in some areas but with sunny spells.

“The very best sunlight will probably be in the south west and east, continuing to Friday. By Thursday, we must be looking at temperatures of approximately 17C.

“Some of northern Scotland might observe some snare but that won’t affect a lot of men and women.

“The weather will become a bit more unsettled by the weekend, but it should be turning simpler as we head into April.”