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Shoes With Fanny Packs On Their Heels Have Been Released By Crocs

With a heavy heart, and a due sense of fatigue and dread, we deliver you the information which now you can purchase a pair of Crocs which have mini’fanny packs’ on the rear of those.

Yes, that is perfect. You heard.

But for all those folks that reside at the UK, a’fanny pack’ is what we’d call a bum bag, but for whatever reason, that Americanism appears to be somewhat apt when describing this specific item.

To describe – or to try to describe – the shockingly common shoe manufacturer has teamed up with the Japanese fashion business’Beams’ to deliver you the attachment that you never understood that you had, or desired, or perhaps imagined.

If you believe of walking around sporting a pair of Crocs, the notion might like to take your valuables around at a pouch on the rear of these and is okay, you have that opportunity.

The zip-up pockets around the rear of your ‘Beams x Crocs’ are large enough to hold your keys, so your charge card along with the waste of dignity that you have managed to hang on.

They are available in 2’vibrant’ colors – Ultraviolet and Tropical Teal – and retail at approximately $53 (£40) if you would like to receive your feet and hands onto a set.

If you are considering those and thinking,’Yeah, those simply are not garish sufficient for me,’ then you are in for a treat.

Trust me, we’ve got the remedy.

Crocs and beams also have teamed up to make a Croc clog which has something which looks like a visor on its very top.

Credit: Beams x Crocs

From’something which looks like’, we naturally mean it has got a golf visor stuck on its front.

Worried? You ought to be.

These sneakers do arrive in colors that are conventional. You will have the ability to receive these in either white or black for the same $53 (£40) price label.

Whoa, however. Do not worry if your boat do not float! There’s style that is third.

Yes is a Croc with a fringe. Should you absolutely want to put in your Crocs to this hottest line-dancing lesson, or down to this huge village hoedown that’s written to your calendar, how about them?

Credit: Beams x Crocs

Giving cowboy vibes, these suede additions are really going to make an impression. What that statement means is anybody’s guess.

Oh, and all these are marginally more expensive, retailing at £68 (£52).

Bring on the conclusion of the world – we are ready.