You Can Now Get An Easter Egg With Mini Eggs Embedded In The Shell

The countdown to Easter appears to be on for Cadbury because the chocolate connoisseurs have launched another delectable Easter egg for chocoholics to devour.

Cadbury have gone one step further with this offering this year – the Mini Eggs Easter egg is made from a delicious shell of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate and a bag of classic mini eggs too.

Food blogger Helen J Tea gave her Instagram followers a sneak peek of the egg. She described it as being “twice the size” of the previous Mini Eggs Easter egg.

She said in the caption: “This didn’t have quite as many mini egg inclusions as the one I remember from a few years ago but this is probably twice this size! Been eyeing this up for days since I bought it from @tescofood so happy to finally be able to manage some of it”.

You can grab one for just £12 at your local Tesco.

It looks like the white chocolate Oreo egg has a very thick shell which contains small pieces of Oreo biscuits and chocolate. Yum.

The Cadbury white chocolate with Oreo Easter egg is listed on Tesco’s website at £3.00 and it is suitable for vegetarians.

If you’re in the market for Easter-inspired treats that aren’t egg shaped, Cadbury has brought back its Creme Egg trifle for the fourth year.

The giant dessert, aptly named ‘Layers of Joy’, the ginormous dessert is then finished with cream as well as a Creme Egg fondant topping.

While Cadbury say it’s technically a ‘sharing dessert’, fans claim it’s not difficult to finish off the lot in one sitting and we can definitely believe it.

There’s so much to choose from!

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