Sleeping In Your Car After A Night Out Could Land You A £2,500 Fine Plus The Loss Of Your Licence

You might be hit with a heavy fine and also lose your permit if you are caught napping at the backseat while on the legal limit.

Even when you had no intention of driving and dozed off on your parked car after a few drinks, you can end up in hot water together with authorities.

Being in control of a car while over the legal limit brings a maximum fine of 2,500 and may even see you away from driving.

In more severe instances, you may face up to 3 weeks’ imprisonment.

Becoming”in charge” of this automobile is not clearly defined in legislation, which means that your situation will play a part in your case.

If authorities believe there was a chance of you driving, then they could bill you with all the offence.

And variables such as where you are sitting in the vehicle, if the motor is on and also the positioning of your keys may impact on if you are found guilty.

Nevertheless, the specific punishment every motorist is handed depends only on the conclusion of the magistrate in court.

Peter Rodger, IAM RoadSmart mind of motorist advice, stated:”The legal issue is if there’s a likelihood that you may drive.

“Surely having or not having the keys in the automobile would help establish 1 way or another, but it might not be conclusive in itself each case would be judged on its own unique conditions.