ASOS Is Flogging Silver Ear Pieces That Look Like Apple AirPods

Fashion can be a truly baffling thing, which can prove even more divisive than Marmite. After all, one man’s charity shop junk is another man’s super rare vintage find, while someone’s lavish payday treat may be seen as a complete rip-off by the next person.

The latest item to divide opinion brings a little bit of tech into the mix, with an interesting ASOS ear piece mimicking the iconic Apple AirPods.

While the ‘ASOS DESIGN faux headphone ear piece in silver tone’ isn’t an explicit ode to Apple’s popular wireless headphones, the similarity hasn’t gone unnoticed by shoppers – one of whom took to Twitter to share the bizarre find, writing: “Next level from ASOS: fake non-functional airpods.”

Since being posted, the tweet has since racked up more than 4,300 likes.

One Twitter user lamented: “Where did we go so wrong?”

The ‘headphone design’ ear piece is made from 100 percent zinc with a ‘silver-tone finish’.

It’s yours for just £6, which is a fraction of the cost of real AirPods, which are sold on the Apple website for £159. Mind you, you do get two of those at least – plus they come in a charging case and you can get your name, initials or phone number engraved for free, so…

Even the mobile network Three tweeted a photo of the ASOS item, saying: “Our mates at @ASOS are flogging a faux headphone earpiece (£5) for when you want to flex AirPods but Monzo says nah.”

Then Monzo also waded in, tweeting: “We still say nah.”


Mind you, if it’s genuine(ish) AirPod earrings you’re after, then a designer in the United States has just the thing for you.

Gabrielle Reilly, who hails from Virginia, makes earrings out of AirPod buds – having been inspired to create headphones that we won’t keep losing.

Gabrielle shared a video of the product in action, modelling the jewellery as earrings before placing the actual earphones into her ears to show off their dual function.

Gabrielle, 22, said: “A lot of people either tell me I’m a genius or question the design.

“I think AirPod earrings was an idea a lot of people had, but didn’t know how to realise the concept.

“I have been making jewellery ever since I can remember because my mom is very into DIY.

“Initially, I had put the AirPods on a chain necklace because I absolutely refuse to lose them.

“A lot of people ask, ‘Why not just get regular earphones?’ – I wanted AirPods because my cat has chewed through numerous wired earphones and I was tired of it.

“The necklace held up really well, so I thought, ‘Why not make earrings?’

“It was more or less a joke, especially considering how AirPods have become a meme – but it was a functional joke.”

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