Shopper Shares Fantastic Tip To Keep Spiders Out Of Your House

A smart shopper has shared a cheap, effective and – interestingly enough – humane way to keep spiders out of your home this Autumn.

As you’ll no doubt be aware, this time of year is a dangerous one. Homes in the United Kingdom are under constant attack from eight-legged invaders trying to break in.

It’s a constant battle to keep them out, whether you are a fan of the pint glass and piece of paper technique, or are more of a hurling a size nine boot across the room kind of person.

However, Sylvia Crawford has offered up a different method that could end up costing you less than two quid.

She simply hacks up a load of mint leaves, adds them to a bottle of cheap anti-bacterial spray, then sprays that around the house.

It turns out that spiders – like a lot of bugs, actually – really can’t stand mint. That means that as soon as it is near them they bolt and don’t come back.

She shared her intriguing life hack with the members of the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group.

In her post, Sylvia wrote: “Had leftover packet of mint and small amount of cleaner left.

“Chopped mint and added to anti-bac cleaner and filled with water. Sprayed under window sill outside and around the door. I watched the spiders run as I sprayed.

“They hate mint right enough. Some people use essential oils but I just thought I would use up what I had.”

There you go, anything that has the spiders scurrying is an arachnophobe’s dream.

So, that’s a 50p bag of mint from Asda, and a Waitrose’s Essential bottle of anti-bac, which is only 77p.

For £1.27 there you’ve got a silver bullet to keeping unwanted guests out of your area.

Hey, you could do it even cheaper if you fancied saving an extra 8p. Asda actually has a cheaper anti-bacterial spray than Waitrose. It’s just 69p.

That gives you a grand total of £1.19. Not bad, if it actually works.

A fair number of shoppers were very excited to try this out at their own homes. One said: “What a great idea. I will try this. Thank you.”

Another, tagging her mam in the post, said: “Mum, can you make some of this with the mint in your garden… bloody spiders have been plotting and attacking en-masse!!!”

Alternatively, you could just leave the spiders alone. After all, they aren’t doing a great deal of harm and probably help keep your house fly-free. That’s something, right?

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